Price Control Affiliate Program

Get revenue from sales partner solutions and additional services to clients!

Cooperation options


 20% from customer payments within 12 months
Solve customer problems effortlessly

Pre-evaluate and transfer a potential client to Price Control.

From our side:

- We carry out direct sales to the client.

- We accompany the client throughout the entire cycle of his cooperation with us.

- We pay you a reward in the amount of 20% of the monthly payments of the client to the partner.


 25% from customer payments during his LTV
Sale of Price Control solutions as an addition to your services

From yuor side:

-You sell Price Control services and position yourself as our partner.

- Conclude an agreement with a client, receive payment from him, pay for our services minus your remuneration.

From our side:

- Together with you we provide services to the client.

- We advise and accompany the client throughout the entire cycle of cooperation with him.


Selling Price Control services as part of your own process 30% of the client's payments during his LTV

From your side:

- Selling Price Control solutions without mentioning our partnership.

- Conclude an agreement with a client, receive payment from him, pay for our services minus your remuneration.

- Advise the client on all processes, having previously received information from us about the progress of the project.

- You provide services using Price Control as a tool in your own business.

- Accompany the client throughout the entire cycle of his cooperation.

From our side:

- Jointly implement the project.

- We provide consultations on our services.

Why is it profitable to cooperate with Price Control


1. We offer turnkey solutions to business problems, which attracts large foreign and domestic manufacturers.

2. We carry out advertising promotion of services on the Internet, conduct marketing research and provide partners with presentations of our services.

3. We train our partners and advise on existing services and new developments.

4. We guarantee regular payment of commissions depending on the affiliate program.

5. We provide technical support to partners 24/7 and inform about the status of leads.


Regularly receive additional income from attracting customers.
Make your offers unique due to additional Price Control services.
Grow your own client base and enter new market segments.
Expand your business opportunities.

Who will be interested in the affiliate program?

• Companies providing legal services;

• Marketing agencies;

• IT resellers;

  • Online stores, Marketplaces, Price aggregators.

Price Control partners

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