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- Parsing prices from the site
- Monitoring compliance with the MAP/ MSRP
- The fight against dumping on the Internet
- Dynamic pricing
- Control purchase in online stores
- Protection of intellectual property rights on the web

4 BENEFITS in one solution from the Price Controls service

Free matching

Matching powered by artificial intelligence

Whole market control

Finding everyone who trades
We online control prices 24/7

Turnkey fight against dumping

Price dumping detected
Price dumping eliminated

Automatic pricing

We parse prices
You set the rules

competitor price monitoring services


Search for brand presence on the Internet

Finding brand presence online.
Monitoring the availability of goods on the shelf of an online store.

RMP monitoring
for brands

Parsing the prices of online stores.
Price monitoring of marketplaces.
Monitoring compliance with RMP on the Internet.

Pricing for online stores

Monitoring competitors' prices.
Comparison of competitors' prices.
Competitor price analysis.
Automatic pricing and repricing.

Marketplace price analysis

Parsing marketplace prices
MAP/ MSRP control on marketplaces
Comparative analysis of competitors' prices

Test purchase

Control purchase on marketplaces.
Test purchase in online stores.

Online brand protection

Automatic price monitoring
Competitor price analysis program
Search for the sale of contraband and
counterfeit online

Price Control - best solutions for you

Price Control Services for Manufacturers

Price Control - a program for monitoring prices on the Internet of your products.

The price monitoring program on the internet includes:

- search for all sites selling the customer's goods, price parsing,

- control of prices on the Internet for compliance MAP / MSRP,

- monitoring their further pricing.

If dumping is detected on the Internet, the program will inform the customer and send messages to offending online stores.

Price Control - service for monitoring and controlling prices on marketplaces

The MAP/ MSRP compliance monitoring service on marketplaces allows you to:

- do automatic price monitoring,

- compare the prices of merchants and the marketplace itself with the MAP/ MSRP and MRC,

- identify sellers of contraband and counterfeit goods,

- promptly combat dumping and violation of intellectual property rights on the sites.

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Price Control - service for monitoring competitors' prices on the Internet

Competitor price analysis program includes:

- parsing prices from websites,

- comparison of competitors' prices,

- analysis of prices and products of competitors,

- pricing according to the rules, automatic revaluation of their goods,

- uploading new prices for your resource.

Parsing the prices of online stores is a rather complicated process. It requires a good knowledge of the correct configuration of the price parser to collect information from the websites of stores of various configurations. An equally crucial moment is the matching of the client's products to the products of competitors. Even more problems can arise when bypassing the protection of sites from automatic price collection.

The price parser in online stores for high-quality collection of information must have a number of mandatory components. It must have settings for any type of site, it must not create a load on the store server, it must be able to collect millions of pieces of information per day.

Monitoring prices on the Internet is not at all easy. Entrust this difficult task to our service.

Price Control - Service for monitoring competitors' prices on marketplaces

Competitors price monitoring system allows you to:

- do automatic monitoring of competitors' prices,

- compare prices of competitors,
analyze prices and products of competitors,

- choose the best pricing strategy,

- to re-evaluate their goods,

- fill in the current prices for a specific marketplace.

Monitoring of the price market and marketplaces and the rest of the market takes place in several stages.

The first one is the search for competitors both within the same marketplace and in the entire market.

On the second - a comparison of your nomenclature with the nomenclature of the sites selected for price comparison.

On the third - parsing the prices of competitors and comparing them with your offer.

On the fourth step, making a decision on your own pricing and repricing itself.

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online price control


14 days


  • up to 10 products
  • up to 200 conditional
  • positions
  • up to 20 sites


$119 /month
  • up to 2 000 conditional positions
  • number of sites -
  • - unlimited


$239 /month
  • up to 5 000 conditional positions
  • number of sites -
  • - unlimited


$379 /month
  • up to 10 000 conditional positions
  • number of sites -
  • - unlimited
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Monitoring the prices of customers and partners on the Internet is the way to increase brand trust

Case 2

Bringing order to prices in online stores as a way to attract new customers

Case 3

"Partnership with new suppliers as a result of the fight against dumping"

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Price Control - Customer Reviews

Clients and partners talk about our work

Залепуго Андрей
Andrey Zelepugo Brand CYCLON, LLC "AVTOLOK"

At the beginning of 2016, we decided to control retail prices in the Internet space. We found guys who offered to automate this process. We were satisfied with the trial result and at the moment we are monitoring most of the IMs, including stores at PROM.

However, I note that knowing about the situation on the market and having a controlled situation are not the same thing.

The control system REALLY makes it easier to find dumping shops, but it does not fix prices.

To really maintain the MAP/ MSRP, the daily work of a manager is necessary, who will ring up stores with an underestimated (or overpriced) price.

Business unit Director Batteries, Spectrum Brands Pavlichenko Maxim

When our company faced the need to monitor the distribution of Varta products in online stores, we turned to Price Control. More than 80 online stores were included in the monitoring, most of which provided outdated or frankly irrelevant information on their pages. To solve this problem, we were offered the services of regular monitoring of online stores and the hotline aggregator, including through individual contact with each of the stores.

During the period of our cooperation, the number of online stores displaying irrelevant or incorrect information has decreased tenfold. Daily monitoring is presented in the form of convenient informative reports, and the control department promptly responds to each new seller who is included in the monitoring.

We thank Price Control for its productive and professional work and for solving our problems. We recommend them to every company that wants to put things in order in its segment of the Internet market.

Vladimir Reshetnik Head of Marketing Department, Vitol Company

We started working with the project in September 2015. At that time, non-compliance with the recommended selling price by online stores had already become a pressing issue and the proposal that came from the project was accepted without discussion - we must try!

For the test period, we connected 10 online stores for control, which included both large and small sites. During testing, the project showed itself from the best side. We not only obtained an evidence base for explicit dampeners, but also identified tricksters who started dumping only on weekends or at night, and especially “advanced” dampeners revealed the IP addresses of computers from which monitoring was carried out and personally showed the “correct” prices for them.

The service dealt with all the problems that arose quickly, thanks to the guys for their responsive work and fine-tuning the monitoring to our requests.

Now we have switched to a package of 20 stores and 1000 Monitoring items. All our customers, both online stores and wholesalers, noted a significant improvement in the market environment. The seller's profit from the sale of our product has increased, which made our product more interesting against the background of competitors.

The next stage is the fight against violators of online stores, on which we have no direct influence. But for this task, the guys already have a solution - legal support.

Иванченко Андрей
Ivanchenko Andrey Grigorievich Head of Marketing and Sales Department, MSS Ukraine LLC

Back in 2016, we began cooperation with the project team. More than a year used only the monitoring service. We regularly received reports and tried on our own to influence violators of retail recommended prices. There was an effect, but it took a very long time to influence the violators. Work on influencing violators through our dealers did not give a real result. Our employees did not have enough time to work with online stores. There were still violations.

By the end of 2017, they actually planned to abandon the service. In November 2017, we decided to use the “Antidumping” service. Already in the first month of work, dumping fell several times. By outsourcing the work of influencing violators, we freed up the working time of our employees and got a certain result thanks to the perseverance of the Antidumping project team.

After six months of cooperation, less than 5% of the total number of our clients work on the Internet at low prices. Significantly reduced calls to the marketing and sales department from our partners about the violation of retail prices by others.

In general, we are satisfied with the result. We are also pleased that the project management is ready for quick and flexible changes for its regular customers.

Pavlichenko Maxim Business unit Director Batteries, Spectrum Brands

Our representative office does not sell products. Importers work, and we help them build a profitable business.

For a long time, the problems of pricing on the Internet did not concern us directly. With the advent of our products in large online stores, the issue of dumping has become acute.

There were no free "hands" at the representative office, we decided to find them on the side. At the beginning of 2017, they gave the Pricecontrol project one store to work on. They completely removed our trademarks from it. By the end of 2017, 40 stores were put into operation. In five months, the guys completely leveled the situation in them.

Today we have entered a new stage of cooperation. Pricecontrol employees themselves find violators of our pricing policy and automatically include them in the work. Now the situation with dumping in the Internet channel is controlled and is constantly improving. Of the special advantages of the project, I can note that we pay only for the result achieved.

Гощук Роман
Roman Goshchuk Accent Electronic, data analyst

Accent Electronic is the main national provider of solutions in the field of IT, telecommunications, construction and energy in the Republic of Moldova.

Working since 1991, we have become the largest distributor in Moldova and in the region, uniting about 70 world brands. The volume of price analytical information on numerous commodity items has grown so much that it required the allocation of a separate structural unit, as well as partial automation of the process of collecting price information, both for retail and wholesale prices.

Thanks to Price Control, we managed to solve not only the task of daily collecting information on hundreds of items from dozens of online stores, with absolute accuracy and the practical absence of significant errors, but also to fully automate many processes for collecting price and configuration information on key commodity items.

The management of the Price Control company met us halfway and agreed to carry out the difficult work of developing unique tools that we successfully use to compete in the current crisis.

Cooperation with Price Control helps to increase the efficiency of the brand management team by providing timely price information and ensuring constant monitoring of the market.

Dmitry Volkov Marketing Director "ArdoStudio"

In July 2019, our company came to the decision that it is necessary to control the recommended retail price (MAP/ MSRP) for our exclusive products - ceramic tiles and porcelain tiles of European brands.

To do this, we analyzed the market of proposals for monitoring prices on the Internet in Russia. A feature of our task was that we have a relatively small assortment to control up to 700 SKUs with a large number of dealers (more than 300).

The most interesting conditions were offered by PriceControl, while they promised to create a monitoring system exclusively for our needs. There were some difficulties in the setup process, this was due to the different structure of dealer online stores, but the guys coped with the difficulties that arose, and in the future, if problems arose, they always quickly solved them. After some time, we discovered that dealers do not dump on websites, but do it in Yandex.Market. Therefore, together with Price Control, we set up a price monitoring system in the Market, which made it possible to achieve 100% compliance with the MAP/ MSRP for our products throughout the Russian market from Vladivostok to Kaliningrad.

We are especially grateful for the automated system for notifying violators about dumping, which significantly frees managers from the routine work of notifying dealers about violations.

    Price Monitoring Services Price Control

    price control

    Monitoring prices in online stores is an obligatory routine for every manufacturer and importer who sells their goods online.

    Price parsing on marketplaces and price aggregators is the second daily process for each of our clients.

    Parsing prices on the Internet, price monitoring of partners, price control in the Internet channel, the search for dumpers is not a luxury, but a mandatory business process. The fight against dumping on the Internet is not limited to parsing the prices of the partner’s website.

    The anti-dumping complex includes searching for all sellers of your goods on the network, controlling their pricing, identifying dumping, finding out its causes, and working to reduce it.

    It is better when your employees are engaged in their direct duties, and the fight against dumping on the Internet is done by professionals.

    online price monitoring

    Competitor price monitoring, analyzing their offers, identifying competitors’ dumping, revaluation is an important component of the pricing of any seller on the Internet.

    Each store solves this problem in one way or another. Our automatic competitor price analysis program allows you to quickly set up the collection of competitors’ prices and re-evaluate your products according to the rules immediately after the next monitoring.

    Flexible settings, user-friendly interface, high-quality technical support will allow you to increase your profit by 10-15% in the first month of cooperation with us.

    price monitoring service

    Amazon price monitoring, eBay price monitoring, AliExpress price monitoring, price parsing

    The control of the MAP/ MSRP on marketplaces, the fight against dumping of competitors, the analysis of brand representation on the site – this is not a complete list of services provided by our service.

    Long gone are the days when a self-written price parser could collect information for years. Today, robust data collection from marketplaces and bypassing their scraping protection requires complex software solutions and 24/7 support.

    How to scrape prices from a marketplace site today is to be highly competent in programming, to know the structure of marketplace sites well, to have experience in recognizing and bypassing all kinds of protections from automatic data collection.

    Entrust this work to our specialists.

    Monitoring the prices of goods on the Internet is the process of monitoring compliance with the sales policy and violations of trademarks and trademarks on the Internet by manufacturers and importers on the one hand. On the other hand, monitoring the prices of goods on the Internet may be of interest to end consumers in order to find the most advantageous offers from online sellers.

    The price monitoring site on the Internet is a web interface of the price monitoring service. It allows the user to select online stores and marketplaces to control, add or remove products for which prices are collected, view price analytics on the market, set formulas for repricing products on his site…

    A price monitoring system for any purpose is characterized by a number of mandatory conditions.

    First, there is a person responsible for creating and maintaining the system.

    Secondly, there is a systematic approach to the selection and change of platforms for monitoring, goods for comparison, methods of tracking prices.

    In the third, the process occurs with a certain regularity and ends with a mandatory decision on further actions.


    Как бороться с демпингом?

    Dumping the price of goods on the Internet has become a serious headache for many of our customers. When prices are dumped, loyalty programs do not work, trust in the brand is undermined, online sellers refuse to sell TM products. How to deal with dumping of your goods on the Internet?

    To combat dumping, first of all, dumping must be detected.

    The program for monitoring prices in online stores will help you regularly make a cut on the sites of partners and competitors.

    The price parser for online stores adjusts to the stores and marketplaces you have chosen for analysis and bypasses them according to a given schedule.

    You can see who and when begins to violate the established pricing policy, you can either contact the site to eliminate dumping, or automatically recalculate your offer price even cheaper and upload it to the site.

    We often hear the question – monitoring how to do it. Let’s start with something else, monitoring prices is not an end in itself, but a tool. First of all, you need to determine the purpose of your monitoring.

    To control compliance with your pricing policy on the Internet, you need to find platforms that sell your brands. We recommend controlling the entire online market, but you can limit price parsing to a number of marketplaces or price aggregators.

    To monitor competitors’ prices, you need to identify your direct competitors for each product category and set up the collection of information from their websites for further analysis of their prices.

    Often it is also necessary to monitor the merchants of large marketplaces and a number of price aggregators.

    The program for monitoring competitors’ prices contains a high-quality parser of competitors’ prices, a block for analyzing the collected information, and a block for re-evaluating according to the rules you set.

    If you have any difficulties with self-collection – please contact our service.

    In order to always know the current prices of competitors, a competitor price monitoring program is used.

    It allows you to monitor prices from the site of your competitors, analyze the collected data to see if your prices match the market ones, give recommendations for revaluation, and automatically upload approved changes to your sites.

    Competitive pricing is a method of setting your own site prices based on an analysis of competitors’ prices for similar products.

    It is necessary to systematically monitor the prices of competitors, for which the price parser program from sites is used.

    It is also necessary to set up the repricing block according to the rules, based on the prices of competitors collected as a result of parsing.

    The term “Dynamic Pricing” originates from the way airline tickets are priced based on seat availability and competitors’ prices.

    For modern online stores, this technique is also well applicable.

    They regularly monitor prices on the Internet, and adjust their offers based on competitors’ offers.

    The price parser in online stores is one of the most common
    price monitoring software.

    It scans competitors’ websites according to a predetermined schedule and collects all information about prices, discounts and availability of goods on them.

    Then the program automatically re-evaluates prices on its own website, and so on many times a day.

    Online price monitoring is perfectly legal. The price parser is configured to collect information that is freely available on websites and marketplaces.

    Anyone can view this information and use it as they see fit. Online stores do not hide it, but often add it
    in advertising and mailing their offers.

    Services for automatic monitoring of site prices only make data collection fast and analysis convenient.

    The price monitoring service is a complex software and hardware complex designed to solve the problems of price control on the Internet for manufacturers and importers and competitive pricing for online stores and merchants.

    Firstly, it is software that can collect and aggregate price data on the Internet.

    Secondly, it is a database with a user-friendly interface that allows customers to analyze the prices of competitors and partners.

    Thirdly, it is a convenient tool for revaluing your own goods based on competitor prices.

    Fourthly, it is a team of professionals who help to deal with violations of the sales policy of our clients on the Internet channel.

    The price tracker and the price parser have a lot in common, but there are also differences.

    Both of these tools are computer programs. Both can track and transmit to the customer the price of a product or service on the Internet.

    The tracker is usually programmed to trigger and transmit data under certain conditions. For example, the price of a certain product in an online store has decreased or a promotion has appeared …

    The parser usually collects information about prices on marketplaces or in stores on a schedule. For example, it is configured to collect competitors’ prices several times a day. Price Check with a parser gives a picture of prices for a period, the tracker highlights only the moments of price changes.

    Price monitoring on sites is always a process associated with many unknowns. Each site has its own architecture, is built on different constructors or written by hand, has its own protection against parsing. Until you start setting up the parser for collection, you don’t know what problems you will encounter.

    Marketplace site price monitoring is usually more difficult to set up. Behind each marketplace is a large team of professional programmers. In some cases, they create such protection against automatic price collection from their pages that it becomes difficult or not cost-effective.

    Often this is due to the desire of the marketplaces themselves to sell price information to users. A living example is Yandex Market.

    The price parser in online stores is a complex computer program with many settings. To obtain a reliable result of data parsing, you need to have an understanding of the structure of store sites, the principles of data collection, ways to protect sites from parsing, and mechanisms to bypass them.

    The price parser for online stores cannot be configured for all platforms at the same time. To collect prices from different sites, we use different parsers with exclusive features and settings.

    The Price Control service takes care of all the settings for collecting data and comparing products. Our clients simply give us the nomenclature and list of platforms for price monitoring. All work on matching and setting up parsers is done by our specialists.

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