Author page Sergey Kokoulina

Кокоулин Сергей

Sergey Kokoulin

Marketing Director of the Price Control project

Business coach, coach, management consultant, expert in the field of organizational structure of companies, PPC specialist, SEO specialist


Areas of activity (areas of activity):

strategic planning and development;
building systematic management;
marketing, applied marketing, marketing research organization, strategic marketing;
professional communication;
business communication, effective negotiation, effective communication with customers;
selling goods and services to customers;
finance for non-financiers

Achievements and competitive advantages:

Twenty years of experience in managing your own business (retail, distribution, logistics, training, consulting)
Ten years of coaching experience
Qualification as a tutor for the course "Management" of the Open University of Great Britain, seven years of teaching experience


System engineer (NTU "KPI");
Diploma of 1,2,3 stages of the MBA program "Strategy" (Business School of the Open University of Great Britain);
Qualified as a tutor of the program "Professional Certificate in Management" (Open University of Great Britain).
SEO Specialist (WebPromo Experts Academy)
PPC Specialist (WebPromo Experts Academy)
Кокоулин Сергей Сертификат по Менеджменту ОУ
Kokoulin Sergey PPC Certificate WebPromo Experts
Kokoulin Sergey Diploma in management OU
Kokoulin Sergey Certificate in Economics MIM Link
Kokoulin Sergey PPC Certificate
Kokoulin Sergey Certificate in Strategy MIM Link


"Vector Leadership in Business"
"Successful communication at the point of sale"
"Profile recruitment methodology"
"Time management"
"Training for Trainers"
"NLP Negotiation Skills"

Books and methodological developments:

Author of the training course: School of Management is a one-year training course for managers and owners. Includes sections "manager and organization", "manager and personnel", "manager and marketing", "manager and finance".
Author of trainings on negotiations, sales, management.

Fragments of tutorials